April 18, 2015

In between

mi 18 5 

 These photos were taken about 100 years ago (that means last month) while the weather was kind of disoriented, somehow in between cold and warm, as you can see I was still wearing ankle boots.
But anyway, I am looking out the window now and I only see clouds and I also hear a cold wind blowing aggressively. Great..
 I realised I didn't get a chance to post these images and luckily I found them while organising my folders and I thought they could do just fine now. The weather feels the same, so they are still relevant. 

I arrived in Cluj a few days ago and I didn't get a chance to do much except for refilling my fridge with food, stressing out at my job and get excited about the new seasons of Game of Thrones and Mad Men. I wanted to make reservations for The Avengers next week, but I failed, because it appears to be sold out already for the whole week starting with 24th April - seriously?? That's insane. Maybe I'll find some luck soon, I reallllly want to see it as fast as possible! 
 Ok, I need to find the courage to face the cold outside and maybe take some photos, if not, well.. we're going to find another way to kill time. 

 See you soon!

  mi 18 8mi 18 2 mi 18 3 mi 18 4 mi 18 7 mi 18 6 mi 18 1 

 Wearing: Zara jacket and skirt, MiniPrix.ro blouse and boots, Calvin Klein sunglasses



  1. so sweet. Love your jacket. Kiss


  2. Love this look and your hair looks so pretteh <3

    We can't wait for the Avengers, either! Sold out, you say? Hope it's not the same in Bucharest/Ploiesti.

    We also hope the weather's lovely there, because we're looking forward to more photos of you.


  3. The jacket and the boots are so great together!! I love the hairstyle too, it suits you very well:D


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