August 25, 2015

Out and about

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 This past weekend was a lazy one. I was strolling the city with my mom, eating cakes and drinking fancy coffee - this is a typical Saturday afternoon for us, whenever I am in town. Then I ask her to take my photos and she complies with excitement even. 
Good relaxing times are needed too. 
I have a new, lovely dress to brag about, so stay tuned for the next post!

 Have a great week!

Wearing: thrifted pants and top, Zara sandals, no name earrings.



  1. Hey, beauty! Looking sooo delicate and amazing, as always! I love the floral print pants! Can't wait to see that dress you're talking about :)!

    Many hugs!


  2. ahhh, after reading this I really miss my mum! She is the cutest when it comes to blogging. She loves to take photos of us and now that we are not at home, she is the one who pushes us to just go out everyday and take many many photos. Too bad out internet is so slow, we cannot properly blog. Anyway, just love this look, perfect for a day out eating cake :D kisses :)

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