February 12, 2017

Black, white and gold

black white and gold2 

 It's Sunday and I am so glad that we are having such a lovely weather here in Cluj, while elsewhere in the country people are freezing under the snow. Living in a region guarded by the mountains has its benefits. Even so, we are not ready to give up our coats and boots but at least we have sunny warmer afternoons and golden sunsets; which is the perfect recipe for a satisfying photoshoot. 

After a few days in a very windy Bucharest, followed by a snow storm (which of course caught me unprepared, my feet were frozen and I had four layers of clothing on me) I returned home with a smile on my face, happy that I got to see a few of my friends there, eat wonderful desserts at my favorite pastry shops and walked around the same streets I walked three years ago while I was a student there. It felt a bit melancholic, but good. 
That is mainly the reason for my disappearance, but I only managed to leave the house yesterday while it was still sunny (it sounds like I am a rat that hates daylight, but I actually had to do a lot of errands and work). We took these photos before our dinner and a disastrous dessert - a Millefeuille is not made out of an ordinary whipped cream and a cheap chocolate sauce , that's all I'm sayin'!
There is nothing more that I hate than to spend money on a food or sweet that has no taste, but oh well, that is how you learn.

 I hope you had a relaxed weekend guys! Let's hope for a relaxed week as well.

  black white and gold3black white and gold0 vintage jewelry2 black white and gold black white and gold1 vintage jewelry black white and gold4 basic white bag

Wearing: Stradivarius boots, New Yorker bag, no name coat, Pimkie skirt, thrifted sweater, vintage belt and jewelry


  1. Such classic look - the boots are brilliant with that skirt and belt. Great inspiration - thanks! Kx

  2. Everything about your outfit is so delightful! I love it from head to toe. & What a perfect location too. Great post!


  3. So posh and glam!! I'm dying over that belt, too. What a statement piece!



  4. all the colors compliment each other perfectly...

  5. Amazing look! Just... Perfect!

    xxx, Eva

  6. Such a lovely look. Love the gold hardware and jewelry.

    Beautiful details on your outfit. Fabulous look. Happy Valentine’s day
    Inez | My Small World

  7. Catherine Wen Xi XiangFebruary 16, 2017 at 7:24 AM

    The lighting in these shots! Divine. Love the outfit too, so glam and chic.


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