January 31, 2011

A drop of red

zu 157 copy

zu 158 copy

zu 174 copy

zu 176 copy

zu 183 copy

zu 178 copy

zu 180 copy

zu 171

If in the last post I was dressed very colorful, today I was all shades of gray and just a bit of red. I seriously didn't do that on purpose. I guess I felt again one of those "gray days".
I bought the shirt recently on sales, I just loved those little shoulder boards, I am a fan of little details with great effect. I had an exam today and I am thrilled it went quite well. Now I am back to work, oh..I cannot wait for this to be over!
Have a great week darlings !

Wearing: thrift pants, Milano boots, Pull&Bear shirt, Zara cardigan, Mini Prix coat, Terranova scarf, Meli Melo bag, self made earrings.

January 28, 2011

Busy Day

zu 150 copy

zu 146 copy

zu 154 copy

zu 149 copy

I played again with my camera, because I was quite busy and so were my photographers. This is what I wore today on back-and-forth trips between college and home, so I wore something comfortable and warm because it's very cold outside! Had an exam today which went quite well and I had to hand over a project. Oh and I still have so much to sew ... Hope it will go well! Wish me luck!

Wearing: vintage seater, Koton pants, Leonardo boots, Hippie Shake leg warmers, Terranova scarf

January 26, 2011

Haute Couture

You think the Spring Haute Couture 2011 collections are out of my sight? I am always waiting for them and I am thrilled to see all these amazing dresses, the beautiful fabrics, prints, embroidery and....There's always this fairy-tale atmosphere when I look at them which I love.. I am just dying to touch one of these!
Here are my favorites:

Starting with Elie Saab..
elie saab2

elie saab

elie saab detail3

elie saab detail
Givenchy.. look at those amazing details!! Stuning as always.

And of course...my favorite, Dior..





dior 16

dior 15

John Galliano is the best!! I am so inspired by him, not only the design but the story he is telling with all of his muses, the woman that is so refined as in the '40s and the continuing inspiration from Baroque.. just amazing!

January 24, 2011


zu 141 copy

zu 133 copy

zu 134 copy

zu 137 copy

zu 142 copy
Aren't these cute? I painted them thinking of Jack Skellington and snowmen.

Since I was left today without a photographer, I took these shots myself at college while working. I wanted to show you this skirt my grandmother made me inspired by the D&G Fall 2006 collection as you can see below:

d&g 1

I adored that collection so I asked her a long time ago to make me this skirt.. I love it even now! All the collection was based on pure white knits, dresses, skirts, sweaters.. It was exactly what I wanted to wore at that time. Check the whole collection here.

Also here is a little preview of what I had been doing these days. My work is almost done and I cannot wait to take them out and play.
Now I have to focus on some projects, because the end of the semester is very close..
Have a great week darlings!

Wearing: knitted skirt by grandmother, no name thights, Deichmann boots, Zara cardigan, Bershka T-shirt, self made earings.

P.S. I have been featured on Fille de Velours, check out her post, it's so cool!

January 21, 2011

The IT coat



zu 111 copy




I proudly present to you the most exquisite coat I have! Yes I like to brag sometimes and who wouldn't when you see this beauty? It resembles a lot with the designs from this amazing brand called Desigual and I remembered how much I wanted to have something from there, and a few weeks later I saw this coat and it was about 5 times cheaper! How could I not buy it? I seriously need more stuff with mixed patterns and textures like these.
Nothing much is happening except that I am working on clothes again , and projects and I am trying to ignore the stress of the deadlines and exams.
Now I am off to see The Nutcracker ballet show :D
Hooray for the weekend! ^^

Wearing: Outlet coat, men's jeans, Bershka sweater, Meli Melo bag, Amanda shoes.

January 18, 2011

Almost Spring







The day I shot these photos was so warm and lovely and now it's a fog so dense that you can cut it with a knife. I bought the shorts on sales, they were a great finding, what I loved about them was the high waist and the color, not black, but khaki. That day I bought fabrics and I am starting to make other stuff for myself, I am so excited, can't wait to see the result! You will see as well, quite soon..
I'm off to work! Hope you have a lovely week!

Wearing: New Yorker shorts, Stradivarius socks, Zara cardigan, Kara sweater, Botinelli shoes scarf made by grandmother and H&M bag.

January 16, 2011

Just another day..

zu 040 copy

zu 038 copy

zu 049 copy

zu 055 copy

zu 032 copyy

Indeed it's just another day. Nothing much to say except that I have been spending most of my Saturnday working on some stuff of my own, modifying blouses and pants. I'll do posts with them when I'll feel a little more warmth here.
I shot these photos Friday at college, which was quite a wasted day. I have helped a firend of mine with some sewing and playing around with my camera. I think I'll make tomorrow a very lazy Sunday. I wish something exciting will come up these days.
Hope you're having a good weekend!

Wearing: No name skirt, Terranova blouse, vintage cardigan and belt, Milano boots.

January 13, 2011

A touch of rock




zu 016 copy





Maybe it's the gloomy weather, but today I wanted to feel a little bit like a gloomy rock star. Leather, studded boots, massive jewellery.. And I felt good in this outfit, it reminded me of my gothic era which took place in highschool. I am still listening to rock music but my outfits are more diverse now.
I seariously need to mobilize myself and end my procrastination days, because soon I'll feel the sky collapsing in my head. Why is it so hard?

Wearing: Takko jacket, Zara cardigan, no name shirt, Pull and Bear jeans, Milano boots, H&M bag, random rings and earings.