April 28, 2011

Wandering through the trees. They never said that you were leaving.

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Hi there guys!
I am back in Bucharest from my vacation and currently I am watching World Figure Skating Championships sice I am crazy about skating, I wish I were a preffesional skater, but maybe in another life.
I am wearing here my self made suede shorts, I finally got a chance to wear them, they turned out pretty great for my first attempt, yey! You can't imagine my satisfaction when I see a great result of my work. And I just adore the orange-blue contrast, oh and I finally found a owl necklace, I have been obsessed with owls lately.

Wearing: self-made shorts, vintage jacket and bag, H&M tights, random shoes, Parfois earrings, gifted rings, Elisa sweater, Takko top, Glow necklace

April 26, 2011

Come closer and see, See into the trees, Find the girl, While you can.

Picture 338

Picture 388

Picture 403

Picture 362

Picture 418

Picture 423

Picture 358

Picture 036

I have been listening to this song from The Cure today and it's been hypnotizing me all night, and when looking through these photos while it played in the background it felt like a completed puzzle. I have always been enchanted by forests and rarely I got the occasion to shot decent photos, due to the low light. Yesterday I went for a walk, this forest is very much in my hometown, it's like a park, and lots of people walk in it, so I took the chance and played around in the woods.
Tomorrow I am heading back to Bucharest, my short vacation is over but my birthday is coming up shortly. Hopefully in won't rain.
And this is my 100th post! Hooray!

Wearing: Zara dress, no name jacket, hand made headband and brooch, Accessorize rings,H&M tights,random brand shoes, vintage bag.

April 24, 2011

In my field of paper flowers..

Picture 060

Picture 092

Picture 106

Picture 150

Picture 174

Picture 187

Picture 186

Picture 228

Picture 317

Picture 321

Picture 241

Today was great, a bit too windy, but perfect for that H&M floaty skirt, therefor I was in the mood for a long photo shoot and we took hundreds of photos, so I hardly manage to select only these.
A friend of mine donated me that jacket since she was bored with it and you know, why refuse? She is like a thrift store, haha. And don't you just love that brooch?
I trust you all have a Happy Easter with your loved ones, I am spending time with my family and eating lots and lots of food and goodies! Yay for holidays!

Wearing: H&M skirt, no name jacket, vintage sweater and bag, Mei shoes, Meli Melo sunglasses, Breslo camee brooch

April 22, 2011

What a wonderful world..

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zzz 023

zzz 024

zzz 027

zzz 041

zzz 020

Ok, maybe it's not such a wodnerful world but I felt really optimistic that day due to the sun and the very nice warm weather! These photos were taken two days ago - I took my very first self made skirt out in the sunshine, I have arrived this morning in my hometown for the Holidays, and I am going to spent some time with my family and loved ones, enjoying the incredibly warm weather here too!

Wearing: self-made skirt, Stradivarius blazer, vintage shoes, belt and brooches, Mondex tights, Meli Melo bag and sunglasses, my mom's top.

April 19, 2011

DIY Skirt

I thought of making a skirt today from fabric leftovers and I said to myself "let's make a tutorial"
I have no idea how good I am at explaining but here goes:

Take a piece of fabric about 150 cm (59.1 inches) and fold it once, you chose the lenght as you see it fit -I chose about 60 cm (23.6 inches).
zzz 031 copy

Then sew where the fabric folds, so you can make the back of the skirt.

zzz 024 copy

Afterwards, with the skirt still backfaced, sew along with a piece of elastic - measure your waistline for this; carefully, and stretch as much as you can the elastic so you can make the creases.

zzz 025 copy

And voila!
Hope this was useful, if not, feel free to ask me questions.

zzz 029 copy

P.S. Be careful in choosing your fabric. This skirt was made out of taffeta. Remember, the thicker the fabric, the more wider it will be - if you are into '50s fashion.

April 16, 2011

Stylish Events - The People

DSC_0439 copy

Looking through these photos is making me think how much fun these events are! I have the chance to socialize with so many stylish girls and bloggers and get inspired from all the cool outfits.
Here is the little group: Eve, Sandra, Alice, Laura, Raluca and Silvia, the celebrated girls that night.

DSC_0449 copy

Me and Sandra on duty.

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zzz 182 copy

zzz 025 copy

Ioana from Fashezine, I am so sorry I didn't get to take a picture with her.

zzz 121 copy

And I managed to snap this photo of Denisa. Ha!

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zzz 171 copy

zzz 115 copy

zzz 155 copy

Who knows what awaits in the future?
Enjoy your weekend!

Wearing: self-made pants, no name T-shirt, vintage jewellery, Amanda shoes.

April 15, 2011

Stylish Events - The Details

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Today I went at the launch of La Chatterie and Pixie Shoes, both Romanian brands, created by fabulous talented girls - you will see for yourselves - and also the celebration of one year of Bucharest Style! Hooray for them! I wore my velvet self-made pants and my grandmothers jewells and I met once again my fun blogger friends, we had a lovely time and I also came back home with some Olay cosmetic products. Thank you very much!

zzz 051 copy

Pixie shoes and La Chatterie skirts and blouses:

zzz 079 copy

zzz 133 copy

zzz 176 copy

zzz 103 copy

Sandra's cool earrings. Just look at that contrast against her hair!

zzz 028 copy

zzz 029 copy

zzz 026 copy

zzz 139 copy

zzz 130 copy

zzz 127 copy

Fun, young colorful skirts and dresses! Candy to my eyes.

And below is a little preview of what I have been working on this past week. Hopefully I will finish it properly on time and I promise, more photos soon.

zzz 005 copy

zzz 006 copy

zzz 013 copy

Stay tuned, more photos from the event to come! ;)

Also, I was featured recently here at Fashion-Street.ro, do check it out!

Wearing: self-made pants, no name T-shirt, Amanda shoes, vintage jewellery, Meli Melo bag.