September 30, 2011

Fallen Leaves


My look of the day, simple and comfy.
It's getting colder here and all I can think about are layers! Can't wait to play with them again, after all we are nearly in the middle of autumn, the trees are getting more colorful, you walk among dead leaves and you feel fresh all the time.
Soon I will be leaving again for Bucharest; oh dear.. I don't want to pack again..



bh3 3





Wearing: thrifted sweater, Zara blazer, random brand shoes, vintage bag, gifted shorts.

September 28, 2011

Milan Spring 2012 Favorites

See all these beautiful prints and colors? These are candy to my eyes and it seems next season will be a fun one, oh I can't wait!
Here we have Etro, with a very fun collection, what I love most is the '20s silhouette which I also saw at Gucci and which I love so much! The collection is both fresh, joyful and yet subtle chic.


The amazing lace, striking details and of course the famous Pucci print give this collection a bohemian air, for a free spirited woman, which sometimes I keen to be..
The black dress was worn by Gwyneth Paltrow at the Emmy's and she was divine in it!


This season Prada surprised me in a good way. Mainly because she explored the pleated skirt which you may already know how much I find it adorable. The coats have a minimalistic silhouette but they stand out with the tiny colorful prints in contrast with even more color, both soft and bold. Like they's all in the details.


And lastly...the explosion of color and fluid shapes at Missoni! Don't you just love all those tones, prints, fringes and ruffles? It may be hard to wear this garments in this world, mainly because women lack courage to do so, but seeing the pieces all together, you notice how much balance this collection it has and you just can't love the whole picture!


What would you most likely wear next spring?

September 26, 2011

Under the Bridge


Remember I told you about another post I made with this little black dress ? Well, here it is. I simply put a printed top which I won at a giveaway and a pair of simple flats and there you go, a simple outfit. I finally got to wear my new bag from New Yorker ,which I am very fond of, and I am eager to wear it more this season.
Have a lovely week dear ones!






Wearing: self made dress, vintage shop, random brand shoes, New Yorker bag.

September 24, 2011

An Autumn Daffodil


These days the evenings are colder and the chilly wind is more often sensed. I am pretty much living in this sweater, because it just seems that it goes with everything and it has such a great color that reminds me both of summer and autumn.
I see chestnuts and acorns everywhere on the ground (which remind me of my childhood), the chrysanthemums are in bloom and all that remains are the perfect autumn colors that I love so much to appear!








H&M skirt, thrifted sweater, Benvenuti shoes, vintage bag, random brand scarf.

September 22, 2011

Finished Project IV part II


Remember this post? Well, as promised, here is my second dress I made not too long ago for a Univeristy project. I wanted to find a proper location for this shooting, and I chose this decadent bridge just over the rail tracks, I thought it would be a great contrast with that dress. On to the's a bit more edgy than the previous one, I had to make a small deconstruction in the pattern and this minimalistic, modern result was born.
It's not perfect, I know, it has it's flaws, but still.. which one is your favorite?








P.S. I also took some photos with this dress, wearing it in a different casual way, stay tuned, they will come up soon!

September 21, 2011

London Spring 2012 Favorites

Let me express my excitement after watching live and looking again at this wonderful, perfect collection from Burberry!


I far it's the best collection of all Fashion Week I have seen so far. Mainly because it just resonates with me and I can see myself in those girls shoes and clothes. The colors are simply marvelous, the tribal or ethnic details are perfect and the beads at the sandals stripes gave me a great inspiration for next summer. I also loved the length of the skirts, the short jackets and the baaags! Delicious!


I also loved Mulberry's light fabrics and my ultimate favorite mix: maxi sheer skirts with sporty sweaters. A very youthful and fun collection.


And on the other hand we have Richard Nicholl's pastel colors and very soft silky fabrics...very simple designs and yet so romantic. I would sleep, dance, walk, cook in such a garment! Like a second skin.

richard nicholl

And let's not forget about Rodarte, which actually presented their collection in New York. Inspired from Vincent van Gogh's paintings, the sisters created these delicious colorful dresses which I can't take my eyes off! The models are literally wearing a painting. There is this girlie fresh vibe that is definitely different from their past collections, but still I can sense the Rodarte touch. A change is always good.


Which one you like best?
I definitely need to think my fall wardrobe but with all these shows, I am quite dazed.

September 20, 2011

Warm sunsets and chilly winds


Today was a wonderful day of early autumn! The sun was warm and not hot, the cool wind was blowing not so gently at certain times, but still, I loved it, and the scent of grapes was strongly sensed. Today I wore vintage green pants and a newly thrifted shirt which was amazingly my size! I was in a "hooray" mode that day which I can still feel right now.







Have a lovely week dear ones!
Maybe I will find some chestnuts tomorrow.

Wearing: vintage pants and bag, thrifted shirt and belt, Deichmann shoes

September 17, 2011

Shades of Grey



Sometimes wearing the simplest casual things is the best. Today I felt unsophisticated so I opted for this loose shirt, a pair of comfortable shorts and sandals because it's still summer here. I took the belt off afterward because I felt it wasn't her place there. I felt comfortable, ready for a small session of groceries shopping.






Wearing: thrifted shirt, Atmosphere shorts, Deichman gladiator sandals, random brand bracelets.