December 30, 2011

A new year is coming..

By the time you read this I am on my way or already in the mountains for a few days in celebration of the New Year. I won't be having any Internet, so I wanted to wish you all a very very very Happy New Year,filled with joy,love and success! And most importantly., dream on and make your wishes come true!
Hope to see all of you again, in 2012!!

December 29, 2011

Winter Fields








Here I am wearing another recently thrifted cardigan -I fell in love with the print and it's softness, and I wanted to show it to you, I chose a simple casual outfit, no heels, my old jeans which I turned them into shorts and layers and layers.
Can't stay long, I have to think about New Year's Eve purchases; I am so excited!

Wearing: thrifted cardigan. Kara sweater, Only shorts, no name tights, Deichmann boots, Georgia scarf.

December 28, 2011

Mix Match


Christmas has passed so fast, the snow is melting here and there are only 4 days left of this year..I find it somehow hard to believe that. But we have to celebrate it at best and embrace with a smile on our face the new year that is coming. Have you made your resolutions?
More importantly, have you made your plans yet?
This is what I wore the last day of Christmas, when I got nothing else to do, than to take a walk, taking advantage of the warm weather, otherwise you would've seen me in layers of sweaters and Yeti-type boots. Then, we went out and spend time with friends.
The ear thingies, were a gift to myself for Christmas, I never imagined they could be so warm, since it's my first time wearing such accessory. How do you like them?






Wearing: thrifted sweater, MiniPrix dress, random brand tights, Leonardo boots, New Yorker satchel, Meli Melo earrings.

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas dear ones!


I hope you all received from Santa everything you wished for and that this day is filled with joy among you and your loved ones. For me this is by far my favorite Holiday, and all the Christmas decorations, lights and the beautifully wrapped presents are exciting me unlike any other little details from this world. And I appreciate details.
I spent Christmas Eve decorating and buying last minute presents, afterward The Boy, my parents and a friend of ours spent some time in the evening eating too many cookies and we watched a very fun old Christmas movie (don't you just love them?) all in all it was a perfect day, relaxed and fun. Here is what I chose to wear, my mom's old shirt and my pleated skirt which I very much adore.




Bits and pieces of my Christmas trees (I have a small one in my room and the big one on the hallway)




An experiment with the lights in my room, I spent an hour playing around.


As for today, I am now at my grandparents, eating once more too many cookies and just spending time with the family. Too bad it isn't snowing, but there is still time I hope.

Happy Holidays!!

Wearing: mom's shirt, Veronica Biliboc bow accessory, New Yorker skirt, Leonardo shoes.

December 22, 2011

In the Christmas Spirit


I have arrived in my hometown a few days ago in the middle of winter, and only today I managed to snap some photos since yesterday was a full day of thrift shopping! Here I am wearing one of the several items I have found, this sweater-dress with an amazing color, in a perfect state! I decided to do a little color block and how else can I achieve that other than with my blue satchel and in contrast with a big red chunky scarf? Very Christmassy.
I can't believe there are two more days to go until Christmas Eve, I am so excited! I still haven't started decorating, oops!






Just so you know, this is how frozen the weather is here, I almost fell about 7 times today on the icy pavements; this is the most annoying part about winter, honestly.


Wearing: thrifted sweater, Mondex tight, Leonardo boots, New Yorker satchel, Georgia scarf, vintage belt

December 20, 2011

Try on cold pastels for Christmas


I took these photos in the last day of University, just before I took off in my trip, but never got a chance to post them. I am wearing here my recently bought sweater with this delicious print in candy colors, from a Christmas fair that is usually happening around this time every year in Bucharest. I immediately thought of this outfit for it, maybe too matchy-matchy , but I adore it! What do you say?
Also, my colleagues made this lovely project in the Christmas spirit, they decorated our classroom/atelier with paper made snowflakes and pine trees after on there were wonderful lively projections on the wall, and the game of lights, shadows and color that was created was magical! I am so sorry I didn't got a chance to film the moment, but maybe the pictures will enchant you enough.









Wearing: Hippie Hippie Shake sweater, Kotton pants, Leonardo boots, thrifted bag and the earrings were a gift from a colleague.

December 19, 2011

Santa's lost Christmas gift


My Christmas break has finally begun, but before I go back in my hometown, I made a quick stop in Cluj, one of my favorite cities in this country. After a panic attack of almost losing a very early train and after long hours of travel, I have arrived tired and I slept and slept. I went yesterday for a walk, drank one delicious cup of hot chocolate with pudding texture (and whiskey cream flavor) and took photos of the brilliant decorations around the center of the city. I am only staying here a couple of days and I plan to enjoy them at best. Here I am wearing my DIY ribbon sweater I made almost a year ago (Goodness, time flies so fast!) and I felt very festive, in a joyful Christmas mood. I plan to make some goodies this holidays, let's just hope I find the necessary fabrics.








The lights scattered in every piece of the city.




And a part of a beautiful window display!


Enjoy your week my darlings!

Wearing: DIY Pimkie ribbon sweater, thrifted top and bag, Only jeans, Leonardo boots.