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July 20, 2012

The '50s Princess


When I first saw this skirt a few days ago in a thrift store, I thought: "wow!" Those flowers are so big and so beautiful, the '50s silhouette and not to mention the way it opens when you swirl, sit, walk..everything. Then I thought: "if this were a dress, it would have been perfect". But it's not, and I was reluctant at first to buy it so I put it back where it were and continued my shopping elsewhere. 
Needless to say that I thought about it all night and I must've dreamed it too; so the next day I went straight at the store, sighed with relief that it was still there and I took it home with me. Then my day turned all happy and sunny, rainbows were everywhere, birds were singing and I received a medal for a great shopper that I am. 
No, it wasn't like that, but still, I was so thrilled! 
And what do you say about my choice of styling? 

P.S. The bag is also new and also thrifted. 







Wearing: thrift skirt and bag, H&M top, MiniPrix shoes, Meli Melo purple bracelets, necklace and ring, New Yorker white bracelets


Mădălina Simona Merca said...

Superba fusta! Imi plac accentele puse pe accesorii, pantofii, colierele, bratarile <3
The Indie Chase Blog


You really are a princess.
I want your skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mady said...

love the shoes! uneori gasesti la MiniPrix chestii incredibil de dragute! love the outfit!


Ioana said...

looking great, love the shoes and bag! :) oh man, if i had a penny for every time i was obsessed with an item and went back to the store next day to buy it :)) you are not the only one:P

Oteea said...

You should receive a medal for going back for the skirt - it's absolutely gorgeous and has such beautiful colors.

Needless to say I adore your white bag also :) Wonderful outfit ♥


Miss Green said...

that is one beautiful skirt :)

Dorina said...

Si mie mi se intampla sa regret ca nu mi-am luat ceva si sa mai intorc la magazin sa imi cumpar lucrul respectiv :))

Paulina said...

I love how you mix the different flower patterns! The picture where your top is flying is my favourite!


Analisa said...

That floral print is so refreshing and cute! I love the skirt with that top!

Luisa said...

Wonderful look, that skirt is simply driving me mad! I love the design and shape :D

Anaivilo said...

Thank you so much darlings! :D

Oreleona said...

i loveee everything about this outfit!

Emanuel I. said...

Cat de bine le-ai asortat. Cred ca nici daca era rochie nu era asa de perfect gandita.

Clara said...

You look simply amazing, and I adore the bold print! Wonderful choice !