December 21, 2015

'70s vibes

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 I'm back in my hometown for Christmas! I am also on vacation from my job (two weeks, yay!) and maaaan, it feels so good to know that I won't stress out and just enjoy life, even though I have nothing exciting planned. I'll just read and skate and spend time with closed ones, which is just about enough right now. These are my latest photos I took in gloomy Cluj before leaving - I really can't believe how much sun is here, it's shining like in mid Summer - I opted for a 70's retro outfit this time. It all started with the hairstyle, as I had no idea how to style it in that day so I just made a messy braid and though it was ok enough. This reminded me of my mother, because she used to have long beautiful hair and she wore it in low ponytails or braids and she also grew up in the '70s, so, there you go - double inspiration! And I just loved how all these colors matched together in such great harmony, wouldn't you agree?
 Gotta go and decorate the Christmas tree now, actually the whole house, so exciting!

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Wearing: Pull&Bear sweater, H&M skirt and tights, Adona bag, thifted boots


  1. Those colors work perfectly together! And this style suits you so well! I adore the outfit! It inspires me to try this combination!

    Many hugs and blessed holidays!


  2. This outfit is AWESOME, I'm in love with your skirt (:
    Have an amazing day,

  3. How I love this outfit! The colors are great!


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