November 30, 2010

A bit of the city

A few photos from downtown Cluj, where all the old buildings take me back to a medieval time. It's just simply gorgeous! The panoramic view from the top is breathtaking!
And it was quite cold, I was craving for a hot tea all the time!
Enjoy the pics while I stay for another 2 days then head back in Bucharest.

P.S. Isn't that Christmas-y shop window divine? I just adore the colorS and the way all the items are arranged. Makes me even more excited about Christmas!

Wearing: Next jeans, Takko jacket, Moa boots, thrift hat and scarf.

November 27, 2010

A bit of nature

Yesterday night I arrived in Cluj, one of my beloved cities here, and it was snowing! Though it didn't last, it was still quite freezing outside. I managed to take these photos, before heading out to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Have you seen it? I grew up with the books and films, so naturally I felt a little sad...I imagine I will be really heart-broken when I see the final part!
I shall be taking walks, drinking lots of delicious tea and take more photos- my camera died this time, sorry.
Enjoy the rest of the week-end darlings! I will surely do.

Wearing: Wool thighs and sweater both vintage, Takko jacket, Moa boots, hat bought from a fair.

November 24, 2010

say NO to skinny

First..I want to say how much I love these pants and how sorry I am that I wore them so little this fall. I don't know why...I guess sometimes it's just easier to take a pair of ordinary pants or jeans, a sweater or Tee and just hurry to school/work.  Second, I am sick of skinny jeans. I feel so bored wearing them and tired of seeing them on every girl. Whenever I see a girl wearing large or high-waisted bottoms she immediately catches my eye. I need to make myself some new, un-ordinary (if there is such  a word) clothes so I won't feel like another sheep in the herd.

On another note, my project has been a little delayed, so I can be a little relaxed, so, starting from Friday I am going to take myself a short vacation.
Have a good week darlings! 

Wearing: Kara pants and sweater, Zara cardigan, Botinelli shoes, vintage bag.
Photos taken by Dion

November 21, 2010


Hello darlings! I want to present to you on this not-so-lovely day, some sketches I made for my next project. As you can see, it's not so much architectural like the previous one and I like that better. Basically we had to create a contrast between flowery, subtle fabrics and rigid, well defined shapes. So, this is my idea of flowers made out of fabrics, I didn't want to use the classic flower with petals. I've already started working on it - I am going to bring to life the fourth sketch- and I have a very soon deadline, hope it will go well.
How was your weekend?

November 19, 2010


One of my favorite models of all time!
The colors and mood in this editorial for UK  Harper's Bazaar are simply divine!

November 16, 2010

One Tee, two looks

How to create different styles with one T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

I have said before how much I like to wear the same clothing piece in different ways. Here I wanted to show you how. I took an ordinary T-shirt (which belonged to my dad) and paired it with black accessories - which are of course elegant -  and a black leather jacket and heels. I like to call this "glam casual". You can also try this with blazers or any other classy jacket.

Next, I went out for a more comfortable look, so I took once again a men's thrifted shirt, to create a bit of hippie or baggy look, anyhow, I like the way it looks so loose. And of course sneakers. The more colorful, the better. And I changed the accessories because I don't need to be elegant, so playful colored beads are very welcome.

I painted the shoes, because I wanted to have something colorful and original. Aren't they cute?

Hope this was useful to you! 

Wearing: Jean Charles de Castelbajac men's Tee, Next jeans, Amanda shoes, Takko jacket, thrifted shirt, Jack Skellington bag.

November 13, 2010

Purple haze

Photos I took a few days ago when the weather was warm! It still is, it's quite weird for this time of the year, it feels like Spring.  Nevertheless, I enjoy it! 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I wanted to attend the Absolutely Fabulous fair today but I remembered I have some sewing to do, so I am stuck in work. Hope my fellow Romanian bloggers will tell me about it! 

P.S. I made that skirt out of remaining fabrics from my prom's dress two years ago. I love it's colors!

Wearing: Stradivarius blazer and shoes, No name T-shirt, self made skirt, Hippie Shake leg warmers.

November 10, 2010

Blue velvet

I can't get enough of this maxi dress -since is the only one I have (shame on me) and I took it out once more with my new velvet jacket! I thought the two of them work perfectly together, what about you?

I have another project coming along, so stay tuned for new sketches, a bit more feminine unlike the previous ones.

Wearing: vintage jacket and bag, no name dress.

November 7, 2010

Finished project

Here it is! Finally, my college project is finished. It's not all smooth like in the sketch but I tried my best I guess. I've never done such a thing before so I am quite proud; hope my professor will like it as well. I wonder how I should carry it to school, it's quite uncomfortable with all that wire in it, of course I had problems moving in it.  Supposedly, we'll have a presentation, like a runway, let's see how I will manage that. 

November 4, 2010

Vlada in Marie Claire

The minute I found this editorial of Vlada Roslyakova in Marie Claire's October issue I felt hypnotized by her glance! These photos have something freak-ish and a feeling of dark  romance which give me the chills and I love that! The photo of her and that little doll is creeping me, and it's also so stunning!

P.S I have almost finished my college project! I will post soon some photos.