February 29, 2012

A garden for the romantics


Here it is, my new skirt, which is now among my favorites and how could it not be, just look at that delicious print! It gives me such a romantic and feminine feeling, just the way I like it. And speaking of which, I found in stores these days sooo many lace dresses, they somehow broken my heart when I left them there, but maybe I will get my hands on one of them, I have to actually! I am obsessed with lace, and a dress of this brilliant fabric is just what is missing from my closet. But you know..there is no such thing of a complete wardrobe, isn't it? We will always crave for something new.
So tomorrow Spring is supposed to begin, but we still have some snow, and boy, I can't wait for flowers and warmer weather!






Many thanks to Andreea for the photos and for lending me those shoes!

Wearing: self-made skirt, Stradivarius blazer, vintage shirt, bag and bow accesory, New Look shoes

February 27, 2012

In the cold light of day.


I promised you photos with my latest design soon, but you have to wait a little more, because some last minute stuff popped up and I had to take care of them. These are photos I took at University at the mercy of my friend. I've had a few days off from courses, to work on my graduation collection, so I haven't really got the chance to find a photographer and take outfit shots. You know I prefer to take them when I am outside and not fake them and dress up as something for 10 minutes and then go back inside. It feels weird. I don't know about you, but it just doesn't feel natural to me. I started this blog with the idea to record my daily outfits, what I wear in certain locations and events, so I am going to stick with that.
I watched the Oscars last night, it was broadcasted live, here at abput 3 AM , so I stayed up pretty much all night watching pretty dresses and try feeling the moment actors feel when they walk up that stage and take their award. You know, I have mentally composed my Oscar speech even though I do not plan on acting any time soon, but just for the fun of it. Please tell me I am not the only one..





Yep, there is still some snow here, actually it's very dirty and..wet; it's very annoying, you can't imagine how filthy my shoes got when I got back home.

Wearing: Bershka jacket, Only jeans, thrifted sweater, Reserved bag, H&M boots.

February 23, 2012


q2 3

q2 2

I made this skirt yesterday and I can't wait to show it to you properly. I am so excited and I am so in love with that print!
And...some rings I found at H&M ( I'd rather say "found" than "bought" , sounds much more mystical and..gives me the impression I didn't pay for them! )


February 20, 2012

Long time no see


Another short post after a rather some long period of time. I just couldn't find the time to do outfit shots, it's rather hard not having an available photographer at your disposition. These photos are taken by my mom, and I am wearing here a coat I had since I was 15, honestly I forgotten about it ever since I moved to Bucharest. I remember a school teacher once asked me if I was attacked by dogs after he glanced those fringes. He was funny.
In other news.. I am back from my vacation, the weather seems much better (hope for Spring?) and I really am not in the mood to work..again. Does this mean I am lazy?





Wearing: Insense coat, Terranova pants and hat, random brand shoes, Orsay sweater.

February 15, 2012

Greetings from Russia!


Not quite far from the truth, the amount of snow and cold, might make you believe I am lost somewhere in Siberia. Still, I felt somehow like a Russian with that hat on my head, I found it in a thrift store and even though I am not normally a fan of such hats, I thought it might be a nice gift for my grandmother or..an aunt. Until it becomes a gift, I decided to play a little.






You know what I did on Valentine's Day? I went out with a girlfriend of mine in a place packed with couples and heart-shaped balloons, and we sat there for about 4 hours chatting and laughing and drinking cocktails with 50% discount. Why isn't Valentines Day more often?

Wearing: thrifted hat, mother's tights and sweater, random brand boots, vintage jacket.

February 14, 2012

Chameleonic Connections


Allright people, I present to you the project I have been spending most of my recent time (plus other little ones), losing my nights, the project I have been stressing out like a lunatic. We - my colleagues and I - spent a lot of time along with our teacher doing research on how this collection should be, because you see, it's a big collection consisting of about 30 pieces, and then each piece, is an individual of our own 12 piece collection. So it's something like..thirty-in-one. You see, it's quite hard for thirty minds to think alike and to create one coherent collection.
After long debates, we came to the conclusion that the people of this planet find themselves confused in this era of continuously changing technology, the time is shrinking rapidly and the need of socialization is satisfied nowadays in the virtual world. We come up with the idea of adaptation, that we have to adapt to this fast-moving world, in different ways, we have to be open minded mostly and capable of change. And the symbol for all of this is the CHAMELEON- the creature who has the power to adapt to the environment, change color and camouflage. (If I haven't seen pictures with chameleons this past month, tell me I am not crazy)

What you see here is my own theme, called Chameleonic Connections, you'll understand hopefully soon, and it's part of the BIG collection called METAMOTION.
Here are my sketches of 12 pieces. I, actually we all chose, the first sketch form the first photo for me to bring it to life.



And here it is BEFORE:






You see, what I did, I created a self-colored dress. I had a device made with wires hidden underneath the dress, a device commanded by me so it can color my dress in those colors which we choose all together. The idea of my project is to be able to adapt in society, both virtually and physically; so...quite chamelon-like, no?


Here are some photos from my colleagues own designs for the collection:







And here is the exhibition we spend time doing it until 2 A.M.




And of course...some details for you to enjoy:






Below is a small video the photographer made for me, hopefully you can see how the whole process went:

Personally I am quite pleased of the result, both of my project and the exhibition, but I am looking forward for your opinions!

February 12, 2012

Frozen Poppy

It seems I am into red lately, I tend to wear everything in a certain color until I get bored. Not it's passionate red's time'; and who knows what lovestruck awaits me later on?
I am supposed to pack for my short vacation back home, but I am currently blogging and watching bits and pieces from Fashion Week. In about thirty minutes I will make myself some pancakes, I am in NEED of them even at this hour and maybe, just maybe I will start packing then (I always do this)
I am in need of a good relaxation but alas, I have to think further about my graduation collection, so more work to be done.
I am wearing here a dress that it is perfect for me in my opinion, even though I am almost bored of dots, this one has subtle ones on it and the red-black combo is definitely in my taste!







Have a wonderful Sunday my gems!

Wearing: MiniPrix coat, Glow dress, Mondex tights, Milano bag, vintage bag, random brand headband