June 30, 2012

Sweets addict


 I went yesterday with my mom at the most delicious pastry shop ever! It's called Zoomserie and I am sorry I haven't discovered it sooner; I tell you, the cakes simply melt in your mouth and their recipes and ingredients are so different from what I am used to. You can also buy the cakes on a smaller scale and take them home with you; they also have macarons! If you live in Bucharest - or Greece (that is were they come from) - pay them a visit! 

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Wearing: H&M skirt, Zara top, random brand shoes and sunglasses, Giuka bag.

June 29, 2012

Wednesday evening






 This is something I wore Wednesday evening when I was out with my mom for a quick bite and a delicious lemonade. Yesterday was our Graduation Gala, I am pleased that it went well and that I was amongst the first ones to present ( there were about 40 collections so the night was long) therefor I could watch the others collections, but unfortunately I don't have many photos, but hopefully I will get my hands on some to show you. I was so tired because of all the chaos going on there, I ran from one side to the other, I had to watch over my models and to be prepared for my entrance. It was quite nerve racking. But I am glad it is all over and now I can't believe I GRADUATED! Woohoo!

Wearing: Pandora top, Atmosphere shorts, Zara sandals, New Look bag, random brand bracelets.

June 28, 2012

Perfect to exhibit






This is something I wore yesterday at an exhibition of a friend of mine and also a University colleague. It was a nice event, seeing old friends and new and their marvelous work. Now I am so tired, I had my bachelor degree oral exam, which was so frightening but I am pleased that it went so well, also my mom came to visit me and we went all day walking and shopping.
 Tomorrow, another day filled with stress, since it's our presentation, I am not looking forward for chaos..and..more chaos! But, I will wait for all you Romanian fashion lovers to view our collections at our fashion show in Calea Grivitei nr 28, at 21:30! Be there! 

Wearing: H&M dress and necklace, self-made kimono top, MiniPrix shoes, no name bag, vintage earrings

June 26, 2012

Mix Match







I shouldn't be wearing layers in the Summer heat, but today I felt creative and I put together an outfit of four pieces. Two skirts and two tops. I don't know how, but recently I am in a..strange mood; I look at some of my pieces in my wardrobe and they seem in my eyes to match together so well even if at first glance they don't, it's like a puzzle! Again, I had fun creating this look and I hope you like it too.

Wearing: Red skirt: New Yorker, Blue skirt: H&M, top: self made, underneath shirt: New Yorker, Bag: Meli Melo, sandals: Deichmann, belt: thrifted

June 22, 2012

Urban Gypsy


 I had so much fun creating this outfit! I started with the earrings (those fabulous H&M earrings!), I was initially thinking of a basic outfit and let them be the cherry on top, but I realized that would be too ordinary, so I turned my velvet skirt into a top, added a skirt, then a scarf instead of a belt, a necklace, and then some bracelets for more opulence. Soon after, I looked in the mirror and saw a some kind of gypsy girl and I loved it! Gosh, how I adore fashion and all the experiments that come with it!






Wearing: Self made skirt - worn as a top, thrifted skirt and bag, vintage scarf, no name shoes, random brand bracelets and Stradivarius turquoise and printed one, H&M earrings

June 21, 2012

Out with the girls

This is what I wore for a little gathering with the girls yesterday afternoon. What better way to cool 
yourself than a fresh lemonade (even though I would have drank three more of them)? It's the season of fruity frozen smoothies, fresh drinks, ice creams and light food, and I adore it! There are ups and downs when it comes to summer, and the main down is the scorching heat which makes me lock myself inside until evening falls.
I hope we get to go out more during my last few weeks in the city. Yes, I will be moving back to my hometown for the summer vacation quite soon..








And with Laura and Silvia 

Wearing: Zara denim dress, H&M sandals, no name bag, Stradivarius bracelets, handmade headband

June 18, 2012

Let's turn down the heat.







Well, if it's too hoot outside, wear cold colors, and electric blue is the perfect shade! Not that it helped me much, but seeing it now, makes me think of the Arctic Ocean.
These photos were taken after some friends and I went at the cinema to see Snow White and the Huntsman; I was looking forward seeing it, not because of Kristen Stewart, but because of the twist and the action and naturally, the costumes. I am not a film critic, so I will resume to just this: the scenes in which K-Stew (as people call her) appeared were completely ruined, but the rest was brilliant! If you are a fan of her I am sure you will like the movie altogether.
The bow-tie I received at a recent event I went to, is simply adorable and it highlights the outfit so well, don't you think?

Wearing: H&M top, thrifted skirt, Deichman sandals, New Look bag, Meli Melo rings