September 30, 2012

The denim vest


 That is such an uninspired title post, but the truth is I have that vest for more than...5 years and I think that is the same number of times I wore it.. Poor vest..left all alone in the back of the closet.. I don't know why I chose this time to wear it, probably because I've never put it on the web for anyone to see. I don't know if denim vests or jackets are in trend and I don't care, I just love the way it looks with that skirt! And what about the outfit?? It's almost October and I am wearing such a Spring-ish outfit, because it is warm and not to mention that adorable headband I got from Alice awhile ago. You can find her store HERE

Tomorrow morning I will be on my way to Cluj, where I'll be busy unpacking and put things in order, so it may take a while to establish an Internet connection, you'll just have to wait a few days for me to get back on track.
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 Have a great Sunday pretty people! 

 Wearing: no name vest, Only T-shirt, vintage skirt and bag, Benvenuti shoes, H&M coral rings and Meli Melo colored ring and necklace, Alice and Sara headband

September 28, 2012

Clash of prints

pss0 pss4 pss3 pss5 pss2 pss8 pss9

Everything on me is thrifted, except for the shoes and the bag. Needles to say how I felt dressed like that, most of you know how I love color and prints. 
I have to think about my luggage for Cluj, soon I'll be departing!

 Have a fabulous Friday!

September 26, 2012

Silver touches


 I wish sometimes I could find a fantastic place for me to take my photos, instead of parking lots or the usual parks..but in my little town I have to make use of what I have at best. I wish I could have time to make stories based on my looks, but I don't have a photographer around the clock and that makes it harder. Oh , my frustrations.. 
These days my mood changes from total happiness to deep melancholy and even to bitchy queen. I guess Autumn struck me hard. And the music of Lana Del Rey, which I've been listening to repeatedly, fits perfectly to my state right now.
 Enough sentiment - just gaze at my retro-ish inspired outfit composed from my mother's old sweater - it has silver threads, wohoo! - and my self made girlie wool skirt, glazed with some bling blings and maybe you'll feel as fabulous as I did in the hour I took the photos (and a bit bitchy, yeah)






Wearing: no name sweater, self-made skirt and earrings, Il Passo shoes, self made bow bracelet, Mini Prix silver ring and bracelet, vintage necklaces

September 25, 2012

Nothing exceeds like excess


 While watching the second episode of this season's Downton Abbey, there was a point where the Crawley's (meaning a noble British family living in a ridiculously huge house) had to impress with a dinner party, decorations, candles, the finest glasses and so on. When everything was ready the Dowager Countess looked at the table and simply said " Nothing exceeds like excess" - and I thought "My God, how right you are!". I believe I've heard that expression before but only yesterday it hit me, while watching one of my favorite shows. I wish I could live in that era as an aristocrat, because poverty was not an option.. 
After this educative episode, I felt inspired and played once again with items that winked me and mix matched them as much as I could - with a reasonable taste. I wanted to show off my peacock earrings and I thought this was the perfect moment. 
 God, I love feeling like a Christmas tree sometimes! - I don't think that is a bad thing, not at all.





Wearing: thrifted sweater and dress (underneath), vintage belt, no name earrings, Mei shoes, vintage bag, Meli Melo necklace and rings.

September 23, 2012

Salmon Pink

pis9 pis0 pis3 pis7 pis4 pis2 

 Now this is a bit more like it; just a cozy sweater and a cute dress, perfect for September. And how lovely is this salmon pink? 
 Happy Sunday dear ones! 

 Wearing: H&M dress underneath and earrings and bracelets, mom's old sweater, thrifted belt and bag, Benvenuti shoes.

September 22, 2012

Autumnal Tones


I am back home in the soon to be Glacial Era. Honestly I had to wear layers (not that I am complaining) sweaters and ankle boots since it was sooo cold! It was too cold for sandals and a pair of socks or even a plain sweater. The wind was blowing hard and the air was so moist, hence the messy hair..I hate that! 
 About the look: I found that cape..or vest.. I don't know exactly how to categorize it, in a thrift store on sale (if that is even possible). I simply took it in my hands and went to the cashier as if someone would've grabbed it from my hands. I love it's original design and I couldn't wait to wear it! Paired with some mixed prints - I find these stripes and the floral motifs on my skirt a match made in Heaven - and spiced with some big stand out bracelets, yum! (I bought the black and white ones from Cluj)





Happy weekend everyone!

 Wearing: thrifted cape, sweater, scarf and C&A thrifted skirt, Reserved bag, H&M shoes, Meli Melo bracelets (right arm), no name bracelets (left arm)

September 19, 2012

Temperley London SS 2013

temperley london2 

 If last season Burberry awed me with velvet skirts and a dazzling color palette , this time it was Temperley London's turn to amaze me with her designs. It was one collection I admired entirely since the beginning of Fashion Week this season; with every piece I kept on "awww"-ing and felt my heart beating a little faster. So congratulations to Alice Temperley for making me feel thus!

  temperley london7temperley london4 temperley london5 

That dress above will be haunting my dreams forever!temperley london18 temperley london17 temperley london21 temperley london20 temperley london14 temperley london22 temperley london19

This one is simply outstanding! I just adore the transparencies, and the romantic motifs and the bold red and the soft blue. A truly great collection for Spring/Summer!

temperley london25 temperley london11

What do you say ?

P.S. Tonight I will be on my way to my hometown for another 10 days or so, then back in Cluj for the rest of Autumn! Yeehaaa! (We packed all of our belongings in our temporary apartment here and cleaned the whole thing for hours!)