May 20, 2015

Is it Summer already?

41 5 I can't believe the weather outside! It's gorgeous, hot, perfect to wear maxi dresses, sandals, wedges, easy-breezy tops, you name it! I wish I could get out of town somewhere to the seaside and enjoy a good swim within the waves ( sometimes the swimming pool is just not enough). I couldn't wait to wear this dress I bought recently from an outlet shop (gotta love those); I don't know what I love most, the print, the cut on the back or the fact that it's suuuuper long even with heels! As a tall person, it's usually hard for me to find long dresses, the hemline usually reaches just above the ankle (while wearing flat shoes) and it just looks ridiculous in my opinion. Enjoy the Summer preview guys, it feels great! 41 4 41 2 41 7 41 3 41 6 41 1

Wearing: Zara dress, random brands bracelets, Meli Melo old bag, New Yorker sunglasses.


  1. I like the open back detail. This dress is perfect on you :)

  2. Foarte soft rochia! Te prinde bine:)

  3. What a gorgeous dress! You look stunning :)

  4. Fabulous dress! Looks great


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