May 17, 2015

Date night

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 I was giving up hope in taking some photos yesterday, considering the fact that it rained non stop - I mean...what a great way to start the weekend, tight?  But in the evening, just when we made reservations for your typical Saturday date night, it stopped raining. That moment I thought that this is my chance! So, we snapped a few photos in a fast-forward speed, God forbid we lose the reservation! But we made it in time and we ended the night in a lovely mood as if it never rained the whole day.
 Mission accomplished!

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Wearing:  thrifted skirt, borrowed top, vintage belt, shoes, H&M bracelet


  1. nice look and I like the make up too

  2. Lovely look and colors as usual!
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  3. I like how that blue on your eye lids look with the blue flowers on the skirt and heels. Kind of pulls the look together with that key color :)

  4. Love your make up!

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