September 26, 2017

Denim Glamour

denim glamour4  

When did it became Fall I wonder? After my short holiday to Rome, which seems like ages ago, I got so caught up with the reality of the world that I forgot how fast time passes by and here we are, at the end of September and me, still longing for beach days and cold lemonades. I still got the Summertime sadness it seems.. 
These photos were taken right after a huge storm passed by, luckily, I took shelter in a cafe and no harm was done (to me at least). The light was so dim and I thought we would never manage to get a satisfying result, so it took me a week or so to decide to publish these images. The weather has been horrid since and I think it might've been the last time those white shoes saw the light this year! 
How about these "mom jeans" ? - yet I bought another pair! The fit of these jeans really struck me and what better way to add some glamour to them than pearls? I thought it was such a nice touch, I couldn't resist them! 
How do you feel about this denim trend?

  denim pearlsdenim glamour2 denim denim glamour denim glamour3

Wearing: Stradivarius jeans, Zara shirt, New Yorker bag, Asos shoes, vintage jewelry


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  2. What a beautiful look hun! Love your white top, so feminine and pairing it with jeans and these marvellous white pumps is just perfect!
    Amazing makeup too!
    Have a great week :D

  3. This is such a classy look on you! You look gorgeous with your denim and white feminine top. Stunning look.
    Laura xo

  4. Cute shoes :) Great presentation :)


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