March 31, 2012

Dream on..


This is the last set of photos I took while I was in Cluj, I didn't had the time to post them, but here they are now..nothing much to say, except that the Atmosphere dress I am wearing is new, courtesy of Mini Prix. You know I am crazy about floral prints..
Have a great weekend all you fashionable people!





Don't forget about the TinaR Giveaway, only for Romanian readers, you have time until tomorrow at 11:58 PM!

Wearing: Atmosphere dress, vintage jacket, belt and purse, Leonardo shoes, New Yorker hat

March 28, 2012

Hello Rainbow!


This is how the "lovely gentlemen" on the street called me when they saw me dresses like this. This has happened before , so I am used to be shouted as if they are trying to get my attention for some meaningless purpose. Naturally, if among three thousand people, one is colored, they turn their heads and take a long stare like it's the first time they ever see color. No, I am not a clown , I think I used color proportionally today, and I don't feel weird, I feel different in a very good way and I love it, because in the masses of grey and black, I shine! - now I am turning narcissistic.
While chocolate and cakes make my body feel happy, color has this brilliant effect of making my mood much more sweater, even though sometimes I prefer earthy tones and grey when too much feels like too much.







How often do you wear color?

Wearing: handmade skirt, vintage blazer and bag, MiniPrix shirt, Pull&Bear tights, Stradivarius shoes

March 26, 2012

TINA R Giveaway!

I am collaborating with Tina R, a Romanian fashion brand, for this Giveaway, but I am sorry to tell you guys that is open for my Romanian readers ONLY!..
Scroll down to find instructions:




CÂŞTIGĂ ce-ţi place mai mult de la TinaR!

Lasă un comentariu AICI, in acest post, cu linkul produsului MUST HAVE pentru tine, de la TinaR, primăvara asta! Găseşti toate piesele de brand în magazinul online!

Scrie-mi şi în ce "poveste" l-ai purta, sunt curioasă cu ce planuri, vise, zâmbete l-ai asorta şi cum ţi se pare brandul TinaR, după 18 ani de modă românească.

La sfârşit de săptămână, eu voi alege cea mai inspirată poveste. Câştigătoarea se va bucura chiar de produsul cel mai dorit de la TinaR! Îl va putea ridica un-doi dintr-unul dintre magazinele din ţară ale brandului. (

Puteţi alege între produse pentru ţinutele de zi sau de seară, magazinul oferă o gamă foarte largă de produse de unde vă puteţi desfăta!
O colecţie care oferă piese pentru două generaţii de femei: modele cool, foarte în tendinţe, pentru tinerele de 20 de ani şi modele clasice, confortabile, actualizate prin culori fermecătoare, pentru femeile de 40 de ani.

Spor la shopping, şi nu uitaţi să profitaţi de reducerea de 25% de Paşti!


March 25, 2012

Too much sweetness



Whenever I am in a new country/city, I like to try different types of food, drinks and sweets (but mainly sweets) but I guess that is what each and everyone of us is tempted to do, so during my stay here I indulged myself with all sorts of delicacies - see pictures below (and try not too drool) after which I feel satisfied for a whole...month, perhaps.
I could do this every day, maybe I should've chosen a profession in the field of Gastronomy, I am such a fond of dainties!


Ice-cream and delightful frappes..



Cocktails so good you could drink them like water, and then you'll see double, haha.



And coconut flavored cakes - my favorite!
The one in the background was with chocolate and orange flavor


Wearing: New Yorker skirt, Atmosphere blouse, Mondex tights, Leonardo shoes, Army of Mice bag, MOA bracelets

March 23, 2012

In every woman there is a man..


...and in every man there is a woman; although I am sure most of the gentlemen will disagree, but let's face it, there is a sensibility in all of them, even if they stay hidden and constrain their emotions. But us girls have this great possibility to dress up like them without looking ridiculous, thus we feel a bit stronger and independent and we can easily make a statement. Muahahaa, horay for Katharine Hepburn who started this trend waaay back, after all, it was her who said: “if you obey all the rules you miss all the fun”






Wearing: boyfriend's shirt, vintage pants, belt and purse, handmade bracelet, random brand oxfords

March 21, 2012

Powder Pink


Yesterday afternoon I have arrived in Cluj, most of you know what I'm talking about, but for those who don't, Cluj is a beautiful city in Romania and I like to come here as often as I can. The weather is nice with chilly evenings, and I think I packed too lightly but hope the sun will shine brightly for me these days.
Here is the first set of photos I took after my arrival, I was quite tired after waking up at 5 AM and briefly sleeping in the train, I wore something floral, something Spring inspired and pastels again.
Have a great week and see you soon!






Wearing: Zara leggings, Stradivarius blazer, MiniPrix top, vintage purse, New Yorker hat, Leonardo flats

March 19, 2012

Painted in Watercolor


I nearly forgotten what it was like to feel the warm wind blowing gently onto your skin and the friendly sun rays warming up your body and mood. It was one of those Spring days where all you want to do is sit on the grass and listen to the birds sing. At least that is what I do. But there is no green grass (yet) and alas, the birds are singing; all that is left is for the trees too bloom and then my Universe will be perfect!
I am wearing here a shirt I recently made, I couldn't wait to share it with you guys; the print is so thrilling and so are the colors, I immediately grabbed it and thought of something...let's say, fluid.
And if the pastel trend is around, then it's time for my pastel colored tights to take a walk (I decided to color them - they were white -, after splashing them accidentally with ..mud)








I have been featured, along with other cool bloggers, on Blue is in fashion this year blog, one of Grazia.It blogs, which is so exciting! Anyway I just wanted to say "Thank you!" and check out the full post here. blue is in fashion this year

Wearing: self-made shirt and headband, Pimkie shorts, New Look shoes, Random brand self-colored tights, Sixx, Parfois and Meli Melo rings.

March 17, 2012

In the deserted forest







Just another day with nothing special in plan, simply enjoying the weather, even though in these photos it doesn't seem too friendly, with friends and more friends.
Recently, I entered the Lace it Up contribution on Hypeed, and I am thrilled to find out that I am in the top three, for now. Check it out here and maybe..give it a rate? Thank you!

Wearing: Pull&Bear jeans, Reserved bag, Stradivarius necklace, everything else from MiniPrix