July 30, 2012



 I can't remember the last time I wore that dress! I received it one year on my birthday, the print is adorable, I simply melt when I saw it, but unfortunately it doesn't fit me that well so that is the main reason I haven't been wearing it too much. I decided to give it a go and show it to you, paired it here with my fringe top from H&M. I wore it for a casual birthday dinner of a friend. 
By the time you read this, you will find that I am on my way to a little trip in a near by city, finally, escaping my own town for a new scenery.



Have a wonderful week!
Wearing: gifted dress, H&M top, Meli Melo bracelets and ring, thrifted bag and belt, Mei shoes.

July 28, 2012

Introducing Dahlia's magical dresses!

 Let me introduce you to this wonderful lace dress I have received from DAHLIA, a British brand started in 2000 by two wonderful fun girls! When I was contacted by them, I got very excited , because I knew about the brand, and I've always craved for their clothing; so I was excited for any kind of collaboration. As soon as I received this dress, I imagined a green scenery, a field, a forest, anything that was not urban related, because it is so fun and yet romantic to walk around with a special someone and gaze the sunset on a picnic. That is what this dress inspired me to do.




Fashionable, cleverly cut pieces in fabulous fabrics, prints and bespoke, Dahlia's clothing are addressed to any girl with a playful personality. Take a look around their site, and I am sure you will
fall in love with a least one of their dresses!



Wearing: Dahlia dress, Leonardo flats, Reserved headband, vintage bag Meli Melo rose ring and Agatha black ring.

July 27, 2012

The '60s gal


 I started watching "Mad Men" lately and I probably got inspired from the 1960s fashion and created this look. But anyway, the minute I found that dress, I already constructed this outfit in my head, including the hairdo. So yes, I had fun, I always feel such a great satisfaction and joy when trying to reconstruct a certain fashion era, the problem is..I can't choose a favorite..but why do such a thing when you can play all day long?






Wearing: thrifted dress and bag, no name shoes and necklace, vintage belt, H&M rings

July 25, 2012

Searching a date for the prom


 I may look like I am going to the prom, but I am not; in fact I am wearing here the shoes I wore on my magical, nostalgic night about two centuries ago. 
Regarding the outfit.. I wanted to wear that very special blouse, I found while thrifting - yes, that's right, couldn't believe it myself at that time - in a very special way, so I mixed it with a dress, even though I found other three brilliant ways to wear it, but that involved some changes in the season. With this hairdo and some refined jewellery, I found myself too elegant I think, for the likes of my small town, but nonetheless.. I felt incredibly awesome this way! 
And the fact that the top fit me..made me think that it was meant for me, so hooraaay! 






Wearing: H&M dress (underneath) thrifted top, vintage bag, random brand shoes, New Yorker bracelets, gifted pearl earrings.

July 23, 2012

A masculine approach


 I got one of those days where I felt uninspired by my closet (full of clothes) and I wanted something to wear with those leggings, so I went snooping around my parents wardrobe which gave me the idea to dress my upper part a little masculine in contrast with the floral print. One of my dad's shirts served that purpose quite well, and I liked the result. 
 Oh and the weather was so gloomy I had to wear a blazer too! That is insane. Today is no better..it feels like a cold autumn.
 Have a lovely week darlings! 





Look at this cutie we found on the street! I find these gray cats magnificent!

Wearing: dad's shirt, Zara leggings, Benvenuti shoes, vintage bag and earrings, H&M necklace

July 21, 2012

I'm thinking of a holiday






Seeing these photos makes me think of a country-side getaway for some reason, speaking of which.. we're almost at the end of July (when did that happen?) and I still haven't done anything significant this Summer (speaking in terms of vacation), so yesterday I started thinking of where to go, what to explore, which scenery to choose, and maybe soon I'll be on my way for a field trip... In any way, I can hardly wait to get out of the city! 
What are your plans? 

 Wearing: TinaR dress, random brand hat, H&M shoes, thrifted bag and belt, no name bracelets

July 20, 2012

The '50s Princess


When I first saw this skirt a few days ago in a thrift store, I thought: "wow!" Those flowers are so big and so beautiful, the '50s silhouette and not to mention the way it opens when you swirl, sit, walk..everything. Then I thought: "if this were a dress, it would have been perfect". But it's not, and I was reluctant at first to buy it so I put it back where it were and continued my shopping elsewhere. 
Needless to say that I thought about it all night and I must've dreamed it too; so the next day I went straight at the store, sighed with relief that it was still there and I took it home with me. Then my day turned all happy and sunny, rainbows were everywhere, birds were singing and I received a medal for a great shopper that I am. 
No, it wasn't like that, but still, I was so thrilled! 
And what do you say about my choice of styling? 

P.S. The bag is also new and also thrifted. 







Wearing: thrift skirt and bag, H&M top, MiniPrix shoes, Meli Melo purple bracelets, necklace and ring, New Yorker white bracelets

July 18, 2012

Miss Color-Block







Still in love with color, still in love with glamour! 
Have a wonderful day dear ones!

Wearing: mom's old shirt, thrifted skirt, vintage bag and earrings, H&M ring, New Look shoes.

July 17, 2012

A ghost in a turquoise dream







My pale skin doesn't stand a chance against the sun, and even though I am partially tanned on my arms, you can't notice it, of course, and to be honest I prefer it that way, so yes, I hate getting a tan, I seriously do not love the way my skin looks in darker shades, and to imagine my face brown-ish together with my red hair.. ugh - horror! Yesterday I went thrifting and I found some goodies (including the bag in this post), and the weather was (don't stare in wonder) - chilly! Yes, wind..a bit of rain..clouds everywhere, so no heat, and for a person like me who doesn't have the need to lay in the sun or swim in a pool, it was ideal. Today is part two of shopping, yepiii! 

Wearing: New Look shirt, H&M skirt and rings, Leonardo flats, thrifted bag, vintage earrings, Meli Melo necklace