August 30, 2012

Strawberry pants








 This morning I strongly sensed the smell of mellow grapes from my window and the fresh Autumnal air and I thought: "Finally!" It's sunny, warm, just perfect, my melancholy is coming back to me and I can't wait to b rapped up in nostalgic feelings which I can't or don't want to control. 
Okay, enough about my romance with a cold season that most of people hate; about the outfit: I am wearing here a pair of thrifted pants, which my boyfriend called "pajama pants", but I find them to be very cute, like strawberries! And my mother's old top I snatched from the bottom of her closet paired with my necklace I used to wore two thousand years ago at my 8th grade prom. I adore the glitter! Soon, I will be on my way to resolve some University stuff and I will be riding long-hour trains, so excuse me if I will be absenting too much.. 

Wearing: thrifted pants, no name top, Agatha sparkly necklace and vintage beaded necklace, self-made bow bracelet and H&M bracelet, random brand shoes, vintage bag

August 28, 2012

Fall 2012 Wishlist

 While browsing around Net-a-porter and Luisaviaroma, I found some awesome pieces for this upcoming season and even though I can't afford these items, not even if I sale my kidneys, I hope I will find something similar at some decent prices. Or maybe..custom made?
 Anyway, onto this set..I know that skirt doesn't fit the collage, but just look at that incredible print and it has peplum! I could wear that even in winter with a faux fur coat.

  1.Kenzo coat 
2.Thomas Maier dress 
3.Gareth Pugh coat 
4.Dolce&Gabbana brocade pants 
5.Stella McCartney peplum skirt 
6.Burberry Prorsum boots 
7.Dolce&Gabbana bag - perfection!

 Now, the next set is dedicated to burgundy color. I fell in love with this shade since last Fall and now I am considering adding more items to my wardrobe in this color. 

1. Miu Miu heels 
2.Alexander McQueen dress
 3.Haider Ackermann coat 
4.Sonia by Sonia Ryckiel shirt
 5. Ballin ankle boots 
6. 3.1 Phillip Lim top
 7.Proenza Schouler bag - representing all of Autumn's colors in my opinion 
8. Dolce&Gabbana earrings 

And here are some statement jewelery for you to drool upon, if you are a fan of these, like I am. I have been obsessing over such pieces since last Spring and I need more more more! 

 1. Valentino 
2. Aurelie Bidermann earrings
 3. Tom Binns necklace
 4. Oscar de la Renta
 5. J. Crew 
6. Oscar de la Renta earrings 
7. Bottega Venetta
 8. Oscar de la Renta
 9. Kenneth Jay Lane earrings 
10. Frey Wille bracelet - I am crazy about these, in every color and size! 

So, peplum, leather, velvet, burgundy, brocade, basic black boots (they could be in brown, I don't mind) cloche coat, statement necklaces, and to be honest there are other stuff that are coming through my mind but I better cool down.. I could get sick of so many beautiful things!

August 27, 2012

Remains of the Summer


This outfit seems to be the last one of from "The Unbearable Heat" series of this month, because as we speak, it is raining cats and dogs (how I love that expression!) for the last 5 hours or so. I guess it's getting cooler, but if it will rain non stop, it will be a problem for my daily outfits.. 
Right now, I took a break from my research, I have a friend over who is studying for an exam ( actually, now we are both hanging around with our stomach full of pizza) it is the perfect weather for a study session - with the regular gossip breaks now and then..ahem. I concentrate better when someone is around me, don't know why.






 Wearing: Atmosphere dress (underneath), H&M skirt, bracelets and earrings, New Look shoes, vintage belt.

August 25, 2012

I will always be a romantic!


 Excuse my absence, but as I have told you these days I don't really have the time to go out and take outfit shots, plus it's an unbearable heat that makes me sit inside my home anyway.. 
These photos were taking yesterday before attending a concert (I changed in something more comfortable, don't worry) We had a blast there, I screamed until my voice was gone and I was filled with dust but you can't compare the atmosphere of a rock concert to anything else, so.. fun! 





Happy Weekend everyone! 
Don't stay in the sun too long. 

Wearing: Zara dress (underneath), H&M top and bracelets, thrifted bag and belt, MiniPrix shoes, vintage earrings

August 22, 2012

Country girl goes urban

A little outfit I put together yesterday evening, which was a warm one, even though late in the night I could feel the fresh autumn air coming closer and which I am waiting for with a great melancholy and excitement at the same time! I am working now for a new project, so it will be quite hectic these days, as it always is for me... 





This was my dinner: sushi! I looooooove sushi! 

 Have a great day everyone!
  Wearing: thrifted shirt, Meli Melo necklace, Zara dress (underneath) no name sandals, New Yorker bag

August 20, 2012

Nobody's wife


The title of this post is the song I was listening to while thinking of the title (so original, right?) also the first image reminded me of the 50's fashion and instantly of the desperate housewives. 
Anyway, I wanted to show you these earrings I won at Andreea's Giveaway awhile ago, from Jewlery Box, and since then I was thinking of a perfect outfit and I think I managed to highlight them quite well. I am over the moon with them, the amazing length is so spectacular and to be honest they are not that heavy. 







I couldn't help posting that yummy photo!
Have an amazing start of the week darlings! 

Wearing: Dahlia dress, thrifted skirt, MiniPrix shoes, Meli Melo bag (old), Jewelery Box earrings, H&M bracelet and B.A.D. braided bracelet

August 18, 2012

A momentary lapse of reason..








Can't believe it's weekend already! There are theoretically only two weeks of Summer left - even though here, the mornings and evenings feel like mid-October - but anyway, it is scary how time goes by.. To be honest, I changed about three times before walking out the door, each time I found something missing from the outfit, and I got so annoyed at some point when I looked in the mirror and then I just threw everything on the floor and I thought " I have nothing to wear!" Blogging is tough..Fashion blogging that is.
 I am wearing here a necklace I received some time ago from Diana, the owner of Blushing Goodies, check out her site HERE. I love the twirls and the fact that it's handmade, remind me of the time I used to make friendship bracelets. And it highlights the outfit so well!

 Happy Weekend everyone! 

Wearing: vintage skirt and earring, thrifted shirt and bag, Zara sandals, Stradivarius socks, Blushing Goodies necklace, New Yorker bracelets.

August 16, 2012

Little Highlights


 A simple outfit can always be "saved" so to say, if you wear statement jewelery or just lots of accessories. Now, I don't normally wear jeans, or I am trying to not wear them too often, nor do I have a passion for minimalism, but I wanted to show off that new necklace and the bracelet which were hand made by Adriana Delia Barar, also known as "B.A.D." She is quite talented and I begun a new passion for these breaded jewels, so naturally her designs caught my eye! You can check out her work HERE and HERE.

 P.S. And what about the earrings? A new treasure from True Vintage, simply love at first sight ! 






Thank you Adriana for these wonderful little wonders! 
Wearing: Zara shirt, Next jeans, B.A.D necklace and bracelets, H&M golden bracelet, no name sandals, vintage bag and earrings.

August 13, 2012

The little things..that make me happy







Photos taken yesterday in quite a hurry - because the light was slipping away - after visiting one of my relatives; afterward I met some of my friends and we ended up playing cards and drinking too much wine, so that was fun. Days filled with laughter are my favorite, they give me a boost of energy!

 P.S. The earrings are new and amongst my favorites because they are vintage, therefor they make me feel unique!
 Happy Monday darlings!

 Wearing: thrifted dress (underneath), sweater and bag, MiniPrix shoes, no name scarf, vintage earrings, Meli Melo rose ring and Sixx copper ring and Agatha flower ring.